Cultural paths - Castello di Niella Tanaro

The Chapels of Tanaro

Niella Tanaro is located on a path named “The Pilgrims and Salt” because of its geographical location from which the Via Francigena can lead you to other distant regions along the Path of St James. The numerous chapels throughout the countryside reflect the hospitality that was reserved for the pilgrims who passed by. The pictorial cycles also confirm that the chapels served not only as places of refuge, but also had a didactic function for pilgrims who were still illiterate.

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Napoleonic itinerary

Napoleon’s troops definitely passed through Niella and its territory. The troops were led by General Serurier who arrived from Liguria. Bonapart’s soldiers arrived in the region on April 17, 1796 at Fort of Ceva. They then launched the attack of Rocca d’Arazzo. Two days later the French arrived in San Michele Mondoví that was defended by Austro-Piedmonts. They fought on the riverside of Corsaglia, through farms and all the way up to the Bicocca. No battles were fought in Niella, but the troops of Napoleon looted homes and farms for supplies.
The date April 21, 1796 will be remembered for the famous battle of Bricchetto on the heights of Vicoforte.

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Music in the Farmyards

This music event is unique in its style thanks to Franco Rosso and his brilliant idea. Franco Rosso was a music professor from Genoa who lived his last years in Niella. He remained fascinated by the typical farmyards that were the central part of the everyday life long ago. Therefore, he decided to bring music back to these farmyards where the geometrical floor gives a particular acoustic sound, creating a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Some of Italy’s most prominent musicians have participated in such events.

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Religious Paintings

The pictorial cycles of the parish church of Niella Tanaro can be enjoyed thanks to the Pro Loco organization of Niella that provides free guided tours. The village is particularly rich in frescos dating back to the 15th-16th centuries. The guided tours allow you to appreciate the significance of the paintings as expressed by the late medieval artists.

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The Sanctuary of Vicoforte

It is one of the most important Baroque architectural monument. Its elliptical dome is the largest in the world. The beginning of its construction dates back to the end of the 15th Century and originates from a votive pillar that stood in the woods. The sanctuary is dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The dome can be visited and allows you to reach the top after 266 steps, with some steps that require a safety harness and a guide. But the magnificence of the basilica and the breathtaking views from this height are a welcoming reward after all the effort.

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Municipality of Niella Tanaro

The municipality of Niella Tanaro provides detailed information on the architectural heritage of the country, cultural events , expositions, gatherings, etc.

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